The Situation Of Human Rights In The Islamic Republic Of Iran : Draft Resolution / Mr. Bossuyt, Mr. Boutkevitch, Ms. Chavez, Mr. Chernichenko, Mr. Eide, Mr. Joinet, Mrs. Palley And Mr. Sachar

Recalling its resolution 1992/15 of 27 August 1992 and other relevant resolutions adopted by the General Assembly since 1986, by the Commission on Human Rights since 1982 and by the Sub-Commission since 1981, calling for an end to the violation of human rights by the Islamic Republic of Iran,

Taking note of Commission on Human Rights resolution 1993/62 of 4 March 1993, in which the Commission expressed its regret that, as the Special Representative had concluded, the Islamic Republic of Iran had not given adequate follow-up to many of the recommendations contained in his previous reports,

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