Human Rights And The Environment : Draft Resolution / Mr. Alfonso Martinez, Ms. Attah, Mr. Boutkevitch, Mr. Chernichenko, Mrs. Daes, Mr. Despouy, Mr. Eide, Mrs. Forero Ucros, Mr. Muksum-Ul-Hakim, Mr. Hatano, Mr. Heller, Mr. Joinet, Mr. Khalil, Ms. Palley, Mr. Ramadhane, Mr. Saboia, Mr. Sachar, Mr. Tian Jin, Mrs. Warzazi And Mr. Yimer

Recalling its resolution 1990/7 of 30 August 1990, in which it entrusted Ms. Fatma Zohra Ksentini with the task of undertaking a study on human rights and the environment,
Recalling also Commission on Human Rights resolution 1991/44 of 5 March 1991, in which the Commission endorsed the decision of the Sub-Commission, and Economic and Social Council decision 1991/244 of 31 May 1991, in which the Council approved the endorsement of Ms. Ksentini as Special Rapporteur to prepare a study on human rights and the environment,

Recalling further its resolutions 1991/24 of 29 August 1991 and 1992/31 of 27 August 1992, in which it requested the Special Rapporteur to prepare for the Sub-Commission progress reports on the subject,
1. Takes note with appreciation of the second progress report on human rights and the environment (E/CN.4/Sub.2/1993/7) submitted by Ms. Ksentini pursuant to Sub-Commission resolution 1992/31 of 27 August 1992,‘ and Commission on Human Rights decision 1993/114 of 10 March 1993;
2. Endorses the recommendations contained in the second progress report;
3. Requests the Special Rapporteur to continue her study on human rights and the environment, taking into account, inter alia, the comments made at the forty-fifth session of the Sub-Commission on her preliminary and progress reports (E/CN.4/Sub.2/1991/8, E/CN.4/Sub.2/1992/7 and Add.1 and E/CN.4/Sub.2/1993/7), as well as developments in this field relevant to the study;
4. Also requests the Special Rapporteur to submit to the Sub-Commission, at its forty-sixth session, a final report, which should include a set of conclusions and recommendations aimed at developing basic principles and guidelines with respect to human rights and the environment;
5. Invites the Secretary-General to organize an expert meeting prior to the preparation of the final report in order to formulate recommendations on the way in which the right to environment could be incorporated into the activities of human rights bodies;
6. Invites the Chairmen of human rights bodies to include the question of the right to environment on the agenda of their forthcoming meetings and to invite the Special Rapporteur to participate in the meetings;
7. Requests the Secretary-General to invite Governments, United Nations bodies, the specialized agencies, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, indigenous peoples’ organizations and international human rights organizations to provide the Special Rapporteur with information relevant to the preparation of her report;
8. Also requests the Secretary-General to provide the Special Rapporteur with all the assistance she may require for the preparation of her study, and the necessary assistance to hold consultations with appropriate

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