Monitoring The Eradication Of Apartheid And The Transition To Democracy In South Africa : Draft Resolution / Submitted By Mr. Alfonso Martinez, Mr. Boutkevitch, Ms. Chavez, Mr. Chernichenko, Mrs. Daes, Mr. Eide, Mrs. Forero Ucros, Mr. Genot, Mr. Guisse, Mr. Hatano, Mr. Heller, Mr. Khalifa, Mrs. Mbonu, Mr. Muksum-Ul-Hakim, Mrs. Palley, Mr. Sachar, Mr. Tian Jin, Mrs. Warzazi And Mr. Yimer

Recalling the Declaration on Apartheid and its Destructive Consequences in Southern Africa, contained in the annex to resolution S-16/1, adopted without a vote by the General Assembly on 14 December 1989, which, inter alia,
called for negotiations in a climate free of violence,
Recalling also its resolutions 1991/1 of 20 August 1991 and 1992/6 of 21 August 1992,
Recalling further Commission on Human Rights resolutions 1992/20 of 28 February and 1993/19 of 26 February 1993,


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